CV tipsCV Tips

Your CV is one of the most important tools when looking for a new job. It reflects your personality, your skills, abilities and experience, and must be well done.

Our consultants are fully trained to advise you on how best to present yourself on your CV.
We can give you full advice on;

  • Layout
  • Content
  • Structure
  • Fonts & lettering

Just ask any of our consultants for their advice, either before you meet us or during the face to face meeting at our offices. We can then give you some sample CV’s to assist you in preparing your own if you are doing it for the first time, or will talk you through any useful changes that you could make to your current one.


Interview tips

Interview Advice

At Appoint Recruitment we believe that being prepared for an interview is very important. Without preparing fully, you don’t give yourself the best chance of securing that ‘dream job’ when put in front of interviewers.

Our consultants are skilled to advise you on how best to present yourself at interview.
This advice includes;

  • Preparation – making sure that you have all of the relevant information on the job that you are going along to discuss. Ensuring that you have researched the company fully and that you know the person that you are meeting, the address of the company and the time & date of the interview.
  • Presentation – both physical and verbal presentation.
  • The interview – what to expect in the question and answer section of the interview.
  • After the interview – making sure that after you finish the interview you feedback the relevant information to the Appoint Recruitment consultant.

If you feel that you need the advice of our consultants, please do ask. In addition we can provide you with an interview advice document that covers everything from the preparation, to the ‘do’s and don’ts’ of interviews.